Friday, March 09, 2007

Angel of North East Wales

Five design teams have been picked to come with up ideas for a major landmark to be built at Queensferry, reports BBC's North East Wales blog. Apparently, the Blue Bridge in Queensferry is looking like the likely spot for North East Wales's version of the Angel of the North.

"The proposed Flintshire site in the vicinity of the Blue Bridge in Queensferry is an historic crossing and entry point into Wales. It is an area with a range of transport – the River Dee, the A494, London – Holyhead and Wrexham – Liverpool railway lines and the River Dee Cycle Route and is the location of Northern Gateway, the proposed major expansion of Deeside Industrial Park...

"In April there will be an exhibition locally of the proposed designs from the five artists for the Flintshire scheme. The preferred scheme will be chosen in May and the final bid for funding made to the Big Lottery who will decide if the scheme is successful later in the year," the Flintshire Council website reports.

There's plans for similar projects at Holyhead Harbour and the Second Severn Crossing in Monmouth.

God only knows what they'll come up with. Hopefully it'll be a little more interesting and relevant than that hideous lump of rust in Gateshead. What we need is something that draws on the unique aspects of North East Wales and it's historical importance to the shaping of Wales. An historical figure such as Owain Glyndwr would be a great choice. My fear, though, is that they'll opt for something akin to the Angel of the North - an irrelevant piece of modern "art" which at the same time offends and pleases nobody. Please, please prove me wrong Flintshire County Council.

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