Monday, January 01, 2007

FAW finally acknowledges our national language

Well, hallelujah! It may have taken a mere 131 years, but finally, one of Wales' national institutions - the Football Association of Wales - has decided to conduct its business in our own national language, as well as English.

For a moment I thought it was never going to happen after last year's debacle when John Pritchard, secretary of the Caernarfon League, was told by FAW secretary general David Collins that the association "conducts its business in English" and refused to answer his letters in Welsh. This lead to a six month campaign and several articles in the Daily Post exposing the idiocy of the FAW's decision.

But now, thankfully, the FAW is to conduct its business bilingually. FAW honorary treasurer Trefor Lloyd Hughes, from Holyhead, said: “If anybody wishes to speak in Welsh then they will be able to and letters will be answered in Welsh.

“Disciplinary hearings will also be able to be held in Welsh.

“Answer phone messages will have bilingually recorded messages in Welsh and English.

“And FAW job adverts will from now on state that the ability to converse and write in Welsh will be an advantage.”

As an incentive, staff already working for the FAW and wishing to learn or improve their Welsh language skills will be offered training.

Well done, FAW, it's about time!

See the Daily Post website for the full story.


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