Friday, February 02, 2007

Stop Colonising Our Villages

Here's a interesting letter from the North-East Wales paper, Evening Leader, published January 15th 2007. Comments are welcomed:
For several years now, the inefficient planning guidelines have been followed and carried out by welsh authorities including Wrecsam Council. Planning decisions have done a superb job in solving the housing crisis of Cheshire, Wirral & beyond.

They need to be congratulated for accelerating the anglicisation of our village communities.

Where Cymraeg has filtered out as a first language over the past generation, the English speaking Welsh communities are now at a point of imminent extinction as their children are unable to afford to live in villages occupied by their families for generations.

It is now only a matter of time before our once individual village accents are gone to be replaced by (*) English accents (* edited - brummie & scouse drawl).

New housing estates should only be built in communities where they are needed by that community and priced for that community.

The greed of property developers, setting such house prices out of reach of our own but within reach of affluent English has to stop.

Only a change in planning law can stop this effect from continuing.

A new policy stating that any such new development must be priced accordingly with local earnings, and criteria built into the deeds of such land and dwellings to ensure continuation of such.

What is important to these "wannabe city councillors"? More council tax payers or losing our identity?

We have every right to say we don't want our communities anglicised - colonisation is wrong, as the United Nations has declared. We love being Welsh, we love our culture, our heritage, our language, our history, and we want to stay that way.


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