Monday, January 15, 2007

Could Britain break up?

"Could Britain break up?" is the question being asked in a debate on the BBC website. Of course, the answer is "yes". Perhaps a better question would be "Should Britain break up?" or "Will Britain break up?". Again, the answer for both questions has to be "yes".

As support for Scottish, English and Welsh nationalism and independence grows it was only a matter of time before the big-wigs at Labour finally displayed their true Unionist colours. Even the Tories seem less pro-Unionist than Labour these days!

Writing in the Western Mail Peter Hain asks, "Who seriously imagines a tiny nation like Wales would have any clout on the world stage isolated and alone?". What confidence you must have in Wales Mr Hain. So do you seriously believe Wales will have any "clout", even within the UK, while it continues to rely on hand-outs from dear old London, having to run to Westminster with the begging bowl and seeking approval everytime it wants to actually do something on its own?

Wales is like the naughty child of the UK. Treated like a child, it acts like a child. It's time it stood on its own two feet and learnt how to make it in the big wide world that exists outside London and the UK.

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