Friday, March 02, 2007

Wales DOES get a bank holiday afterall - but it's got nothing to do with Wales

Well, well, it appears that Tony Blair has asked Whitehall to consider a proposal that a public holiday be granted in recognition of the Queen becoming the first monarch in history to record 60 years of marriage.

So we in Wales are not allowed the day off on March 1st to celebrate our patron saint and our Welshness because it would be bad for the Welsh economy but we are allowed to take the day off, along with about 57 million other people in the UK, merely to celebrate the Queen's 60th Wedding Anniversary? You couldn't make it up if you tried.

And remember the conversation I had with a British nationalist friend who said we didn't need a bank holiday on St. David's Day because it'd be bad for business? His reaction to this new proposal for another bank holiday this year? A shrug of the shoulders and the comment "That'll do me nicely"...

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