Sunday, February 11, 2007

English Support in Wales

Taffia Don’s blog about English support for Scotland in yesterday’s 6 Nations match against Wales has got me thinking … why, in certain parts of North East Wales, is there more support and interest in English sporting teams than Welsh sporting teams?

Even some Welsh people seem far more clued-up about the goings-on of the English teams than the Welsh teams. They’ll know, for instance, when England are playing, who they’re playing, who‘s in the team, etc. But ask them about the Welsh team and they’ll either look at you blankly or mutter “Oh, I don’t really know.”

This is amply demonstrated at my local snooker hall whenever there is an English football match on the TV. Most of the time you’ll find a sizeable gathering for the English games with lots of support and cheering, etc, but for the Welsh matches … hardly any support at all.

Perhaps it has to do with geography. The place in question, although in Wales, is very close to the border. Even those brought up in the area were probably born in an English hospital and perhaps one or more parents are either from or were born in England. Consequently, they probably identify themselves as English, and it is only natural to support the team you identify with.

But that doesn’t explain everything. I mean, do the Welsh supporters (I assume there are a few somewhere) simply hide indoors whenever the Welsh teams play? Do they not take an interest? Or are English fans generally rowdier and more vocal? Maybe there’s simply more of them?

Whatever the answer, it certainly seems as if there’s more support for English teams than Welsh teams in parts of Wales.


At 8:52 PM, Blogger Blamerbell said...

You can read a great article on a similar topic HERE:)

I've put a link to you on my blog. Would you like to be bracketed as Plaid?

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Wynne Jones said...

Thanks for linking to my blog Blamerbell! Although I support much of Plaid's politics I don't think it would be wise to be bracketed as Plaid, if only because it would be inaccurate. My blog is intended to voice news and views with a nationalistic slant rather than being tied to any particular political party.

Incidentally, would it be possible to list my blog as "Gog with a Blog" rather than "Wynne Jones"?

Thanks also for the link to the article.


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