Sunday, April 01, 2007

Exposing a simple myth

Something in the Daily Post of great national importance caught my eye yesterday which I feel compelled to tell you about.

Was it Mark Currie's article about Craig Bellamy's generous
donation to Wrexham FC? No, although I read it with much interest. Was it Tom Bodden's article about the introduction of free prescriptions in Wales? No, although I found that interesting too. So was it the story about the arrival of a rare Welsh Mountain goat at Colwyn Bay's zoo? No, although, again, I found that quite interesting.

No, it was none of these - it was something of much greater significance.

Secreted away in the Weekend Post supplement was a simple but little-known fact which exposes a centuries-held myth that continues to corrupt the minds of countless millions of unwitting victims. The fact was this, that:

Snowdon ISN'T the highest mountain in England and Wales: it is, in fact, the highest mountain in Wales and higher than any mountain in England.

Yep, really. It's true. You see, there are no mountains in England and Wales. In fact, there's no such thing as "England and Wales" at all! It doesn't exist! I keep checking the map and I just cannot find a country called "England and Wales" anywhere. The only thing I can find is a place called "England" and another place called "Wales".

So the next time you hear someone describe Snowdon as "the highest mountain in England and Wales" you'll be able to point out the obvious fact that Snowdon is actually located in Wales, not in "England and Wales".

Well done John Tanner for correctly describing the location of Snowdon!

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