Saturday, November 04, 2006

Changing Denbighshire's Local Development Plan

There's an interesting front-page feature on this month's Llaid y Sir/County Voice from Cyngor Sir Ddinbych/Debighshire County Council...

Change the View
If you've ever said to yourself "I would never have allowed that development there" then this is your chance to play your part in shaping the way Denbighshire will look in the future.

We are currently asking people for their views on the Local Development Plan (LDP) which will be a blueprint for planning and development through to 2021.

The LDP will feature a whole host of things which affect every one of us, including sustainable development, affordable housing, employment land, town centres, rural communities, transport, leisure and energy.

We have come up with initial suggestions for possible development sites - these are all available to view on the web, Trem Clwyd Office, Ruthin or County Libraries. Some of the key questions that need addressing are:
  • Denbighshire's population is increasing by about 650 people every year, creating a significant housing need, including affordable housing - how should the LDP accommodate this growth?
  • To get the right jobs we need the right buildings and sites - how much land is needed and where?
  • How can the plan be made as environmentally friendly as possible?
  • Some of our own town centres are in need of revitalisinng - do we have the right policies to do this?
  • Are we doing enough to meet your recreation and open space needs?
Over 300 people attended meetings to launch the LDP and hundreds more have already given their views and made lots of useful suggestions.

You have until the end of December to add your views at or call 01824 708 057 or write to Local Development Plan, Planning & Public Protection Services, Trem Clwyd, Canol y Dre, Ruthin, LL15 1QA.


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