Friday, September 01, 2006

Take off the 'Marina blinkers', say Cymuned

This letter comes from Aran Jones, Chief Executive of Cymuned, and was published in the Daily Post (where else?).
It is a pity Paul Brett is still wearing his ‘Marina blinkers’ (Letters, August 30) - they appear to be making it very difficult for him to see clearly.

The right way forward for Pwllheli is a local development trust, similar to Cwmni Tref Caernarfon, run by and for local people - a trust with no personal agenda to pursue, with no personal profit to seek, that can consider carefully a wide range of possibilities and make sure that local people benefit from the creation of jobs that will actually allow them to afford a mortgage in Pwllheli.

At the moment, all we are being offered is the same old stale nonsense about an unsuccessful Marina project which even Dylan Jones Evans, in his published report on the matter, admitted would do more to put extra money in the pockets of current Marina business owners than it would to create new jobs.

It’s a busted flush, and it’s high time for those who claim to have the interests of local people at heart to support a genuinely local solution.

Oh, and Mr Brett doesn’t need to worry that Cymuned are ignoring Caernarfon - we’ve got members doing the background work at the moment, and if needs be we’ll be active there, just as we have been recently on other matters in Wrecsam and Abertawe.

The days of small groups of self-interested businessmen having a free hand to overdevelop at will are gone.

Paul Brett can’t see that just as he can’t see that Cymuned is active throughout Cymru - it must be those ‘Marina blinkers’ again.

Aran Jones, Chief Executive, Cymuned


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