Friday, July 28, 2006

Gwrando ar Gymru/What Wales Wants

If you read the Daily Post or listen to the Welsh news you'll have probably heard about Ieuan Wyn Jones's Wales-Wide-Walk. Basically, he'll be walking around Cymru in an attempt to find out what people want from politicians. It's an initiative intended to generate publicity and support in the run-up to next year's (2007) Assembly election. It started yesterday in Ynys Môn and ends in Abertawe at the National Eisteddfod on August 7. Tommorrow he'll be in Bala, which is as far north east as he'll get.

Personally, I think it's a good idea as it gives people a chance to contribute ideas on what Plaid should or shouldn't be doing. I'm sure everyone has an opinion on how life in Cymru could be improved. My top issues would probably be (in no particular order); cheap and decent housing for locals; increasing opportunities for full-time employment;
increasing the use of Welsh in the private sector; and increasing Welsh language schools.

For more information see Plaid's website, and the What Wales Wants website where you can contribute your ideas online.


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